Sunday, July 25, 2010


Just so overwhelmed right now with Trav being gone. Lack of sleep has gotten to me I swear I am a raving you know what!!! The hard part is I don't think Trav gets why I am so upset since he has been gone! Just want to throw my hands up in the air crawl into bed sleep until he comes home!!! Say I give but that's not what moms do! As cranky and irritable as my 2 year old has been I have loved having time with her but thank god for my dad. I am so close from going crazy and he gave me an hour to myself today and took my baby to the train park! I thank god that Addison has my parents because one she loves to be with them and two my parents know when I need a little break! Sorry for the venting but no sleep makes for a crazy woman!

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